A visit from the Fire Engine!


Posted by rguy | Posted in Children taking selfies. | Posted on 20-04-2016


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I liked the siren as it was very loud. I did not cover my ears.

I sprayed the hose. It was fun.

I loved having a go with the hose pipe

Leon loved this day he was very excited when coming out he told me all about spraying the water out of the hose

I liked spraying the trees with the hose.

It made a loud noise, when the siren went. My favourite part was spraying the water. Grandad Bobby was a fireman!

Alfie said he loved the fire engine and liked the hose pipe

I liked holding the hose pipe but I stood back so I didn’t get wet.

Told mam all about the fire engine, and found a photo of me with the hose.

I enjoyed the visit and built a fire engine in the outside area and we pretended to put out fires.

I loved seeing the fire engine, I did not cover my ears when the siren went off! I had lots of fun.

Noah would like to say “I liked the siren.”

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